Here I am at work with next to nothing to do. Actually I could easily find something to do but, who looks for work? It’s been about 10 days since I decided to create this blog. For 10 days I’be doubted that I could even keep this thing going. I haven’t even gotten my feet wet yet. I don’t know if there are any other people out there that feel like I do. To me blogging has a skill to it and I’m not sure I have it. I mean I can’t rant with the best of them but, it that what this is about?

This morning I took a drive to Target to meet some old co-workers. I used to work for Target in a management capacity. Let me start off by saying that I am not a Starbucks drinkers. I live by the Dunkin Donuts code. My Aunt gave me a Starbucks gift card so of course I’m going to use it. It’s always nice to see old friends but, then you have others that give you those weird looks. This Target Corporate employee started me down this morning. I have no clue why either. In my head I’m thinking, “I know you have a corporate job and all but, we all put our undies on the same way pal. He tried to make himself seem so much more important that he really is. Despite me early morning brush with negativity, I pressed forward and started my arriving to work on time. (That doesn’t always happen) For the Starbucks lovers out there, I enjoyed my Vanilla Latte. 🙂


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