Live Music, Tidal, and Bad Advertising

Future Now

Music streaming has become a very big deal recently. According to, digital music services which include streaming has surpassed physical sales for the first time ever. We have our fair share of choices; the heavy hitters being Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify. I personally have only Tidal at the moment. Thus far it seems like Tidal has provided me with the most bang for my buck. I enjoy watching the live concerts that Tidal provides it’s users. I have my own thoughts about the service itself and I will get to that in a few moments. A few days ago Tidal began to promote that the Future Now Tour; starring Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas would stream it’s opening show live on Tidal. Excitement ran through my bones as I have tickets to this show for next month in Hershey Pennsylvania.

Before I get to my main point, let’s talk about Tidal for a second. To me it seems like events through Tidal never go as planned. Just last week I attempted to purchase tickets for the Made in America Festival. Despite the bad reviews from attendee’s last year, I really would like to see Rihanna. I clicked the Tidal link which took me to Ticketmaster presale only to notice that I couldn’t buy tickets. To top it all off, they eliminated the VIP options with no sense of explanation. Earlier this year thousands of people purchased the newest Kanye West album and failed to received their downloads. It’s been an ongoing thing and last night was Tidal’s second strike with me.

I set aside time out of my evening to sit down and enjoy the Future Now Tour. I really enjoy Demi Lovato and her voice is amazing. As a co-headlining tour, both Jonas and Lovato shared the stage. Jonas performed three song to open the show. Lovato followed up with three of her own. They then brought out special guest T.I to perform three songs. Just when things began to pick up, the stream reverted back to the beginning…WHAT? Tidal advertised a show and only showed 30 minutes worth. I took to Twitter to vent my frustrations and one of the first things I saw was Tidal urging people to re-watch the concert. It was never a full concert to begin with. Demi and Nick sounded amazing by the way! Good thing I was able to secure tickets and plan to enjoy the show next month. Tidal needs to get it together. Is anyone else having issues with Tidal?


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