3 Day Weekend, It’s Time to Celebrate

3 Day Weekend

For most people in the U.S today begins a three day weekend. As we head toward the 4th of July holiday, many of us have already made our plans. It’s a popular choice to drive down to the beach in my area. Many are happy to just sit back, relax, barbecue, and watch 4th of July fireworks. I haven’t decided what I’m to do with my extended weekend. I never do much of anything on most holidays anyways. This afternoon I plan to see the newest film in the Purge Trilogy titled, “The Purge: Election Year”. I am a really big horror film fan. Look out for a review on that tomorrow 🙂

A nice chunk of my Saturday will place my focus on my exam for my summer Statistics course. I am amazed at how much I enjoy it. I never liked math going through school and I still dislike it now. Somehow, I can make perfect sense of Statistics. I can honestly say that I’m looking at an A in the course right now. I’ve never earned an A in any math course in my life. I’m actually excited to take the darn thing…who would of thought?

Short post today! Happy Friday Everyone!


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