Turning Back Tuesday 2: Big Kid I Am


Rolling through my cell phones pictures this week I found this picture. This is my favorite race car set called Anki Overdrive. When I first heard of this I had to put this on my Christmas List. A family member was nice enough to surprise me with it. Anki Overdrive isn’t your typical race car set. As you can see there are no traditional tracks to put your cars on. This car car set uses magnetic pads that connect with ease. The starter set comes with enough to get you started but, I’ve added a few boosters packs onto this one here. You can add as many pieces as you want. I want to build a track across the entire basement and have a big race with friends one day. The best part about this, everything is controlled with your cell phone.

I was skeptical about the cell phone aspect at first but, it works like a charm. The app that accompanies the set is very bright and kid friendly. Each car has sensors on the underside that control the speed and track positioning of your car. You can slow you car down to get behind or ahead of someone else and even switch lanes. If you car rolls off the track, the car automatically finds its way back to the track pad. It’s pretty awesome.

The base set is pretty expensive at $149.00. It beats all other race car sets though. If you have any kids that love this type of thing I would definitely recommend it. I know I love mine.


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