A Mind that Runs a Mile a Minute


As the summer rolls along I see all of my friends and family enjoying the outdoors. Whether it’s trips to the beach or cruises or even local parks. I was born in July and I’ve heard many people say that I am a Summer baby. For some reason I’ve come to not enjoy the hotter seasons. Even though I don’t enjoy the warm weather, I do enjoy things like my picture above. Outside of my office window were a family of Geese that walk around campus almost daily. This is the closest I’ve been to them and it put a smile on my face. I don’t stare through my windows much but, when I do it’s normally because my mind is roaming.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my birthday that’s coming up later this month. I usually take the week off and spend it at the beach. I don’t like to spend much of my day on the beach but, like these Geese, I like the sights. Often I spend half the week in the condo playing my video game. Being away from home is vacation enough for me sometimes. This year I plan to set aside time to ride my bike every morning. It’s time to make the most of this warm weather and just continue being active.

I’ve also been thinking about setting up a family vacation for next summer. I can’t remember ever going on a real vacation with my immediate family members. My grandmother is getting up in age and I’d love to take her on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a beach but, somewhere relaxing. That’ll be my 30th birthday wish. Anybody have any good suggestions for a relaxing place for people of all ages?



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