Turning Back Tuesdays 3


This post is very late but, I’ve been enjoying the weather today which is rare. I took a new route home today and came across a food truck in my neighborhood. I decided to park my jeep at home, change clothes, and take a walk down to the food truck. Until today I have never experienced food from a food truck. I don’t remember the name but, I ordered a Burrito Pita Bowl (and to my delight it came with no beans). It had fresh chicken, tomatoes, onions, a very light rice, an unknown cheese and pita bread. A very good pre-dinner before my bike ride this evening. Since I’ve purchased my bike my mood has been much better.

Today’s picture is the birthday cake given to me at work last year. My birthday is next Wednesday July 20th. I’m leaving for vacation on Friday and my co-workers always do something special for everyone’s birthday. They try to surprise everyone but, I know something is coming at the end of the week. I haven’t shared this with you yet but, I am a huge wrestling fan. I even went to wrestling school and learned the craft myself (I will share pics soon). Short post today….enjoy your night!


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