Turning Back Tuesdays 4: Happy Birthday


I didn’t post yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well. Today is my birthday and I am now 29 years of age. Every year I spend my birthday week in Ocean City Maryland and this year is no different. Each year I come down, my and my family always wonder about a particular complex. From the outside it looks pretty decent with multiple floors and covered parking. Sort of like a row home but, on the beach. Well this year we booked one of these places. I am generally a person who doesn’t feel the need to look back on my past but, If I had the chance I would never of chosen this place. The main picture is what I revealed after pulling the mattress back this morning. Not only is this nasty, but it’s completely unacceptable. The whole week thus far in this place has been mediocre at best. I will start from the top (with a few pictures).


When I first walked into the place I noticed that the sliding doors were wide open. It’s as if someone may have started to clean the place and maybe took a walk…never to return. It would have been fine if there was a screen. Well there was a screen but, it isn’t attached. Another thing was that there were flies all over the place. Had to go out and buy a swatter to kill all of these things and I may have finally gotten the last one this morning. Four days after moving in. We contacted Caldwell Banker and they did nothing to attempt to fix the issue. So we can’t enjoy a nice breeze in the afternoon. We can only use the A/C units which are not central by the way.


Whats a lock on a door good for if it doesn’t lock? This sliding glass door does not lock and I don’t understand how you can rent out a place and not inspect it.


The brown stain on the floor is what lead me to find the nasty bed skirt. On Monday when I first put the sheets on, it was almost dusk so I must of missed it. I just happened to look down under my feet and noticed this huge stain. I look up and I see this stained bed skirt. In all honestly it looks like someone may have puked. Whatever it is I’m sure I shouldn’t be laying on it. We contacted the actual owners and she claimed that it wasn’t there when she was present two weeks ago but, there was a leak from the ceiling. She let two weeks go by and didn’t care to check up on a ceiling leak. I also have news for her because there are solid chunks dried on this bed skirt so something else happened other than a ceiling leak. The owner will be stopping by today the change it and I plan to have a lot of questions about the high prices and low quality.

The dishwasher still has dishes in it. The microwave was super dirty and the freezer had black chips all along the bottom. The carpet has stains as if it only gets steam cleaned once a season…its one big mess. This a long shot but, if anyone plans to stay in Ocean City and has plans on staying at White Sands Village, please take the time to visit the rental before putting down your hard earned money. This is the first and the last that I will ever stay here. Caldwell will be hearing from me as well.


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