Giving Back To My Grandparents


The following story contains bedbugs, hospitals and overall paranoia. It’s been a while since I’ve made a post but, things have become normal again and I’d like to share a personal story with you.  Growing up, my Grandparents were the only parents I knew. They took care of me and made sure I had everything that I need. My mom was around but, she wasn’t really fit to raise me on her own. The story of me and my mom is a story for another day though. My grandparents I owe pretty much everything to for making me the person I am today. My Grandpa is 79 years old and my Grandma is 76. For the sake of titles, we will call Grandpa J and Grandma P.

J was recently taken to the hospital for not being able to do anything on his own. He has always been a very independent person and I’ve never known him to visit a doctor. I am 29 years old and J has never gotten a check up to my knowledge. He just retired less than 90 days ago for goodness sake. At work J has fallen multiple times. He even worked while having less than 50% use of his right arm. I guess the falls became too much to bear and it became time to retire. My mom noticed that J also had issues making it to the bathroom and would have accidents. After taking J to the hospital, we learned that his blood pressure was at 220 which is heart attack levels. He also has a form of Parkinson’s which his mom also had. As hard as it was to get him there, it felt good to have him seen by a doctor.

P gets frustrated when things like this happen and she begins to worry. She overexerts herself and creates unneeded stress. To add salt to the wound, P found out that there are bed bugs in the house. If anyone has ever had bed bugs, it can be quite the experience. You have to take all of your linens and clothes and put them into trash bags. You when have to either take them to a laundromat or dry them on high heat at home. The clothes then go into clean trash bags. Orkin came out for an inspection and luckily they were only in one bedroom and within one chair.

Doctor visits on top of the bed bug clean up has been a nightmare for everyone. We all want to help but, at the same time we want to avoid bringing things to our own homes. It’s such a tough spot to be in. Luckily we’ve worked through the bulk of things and my Grandparents are in the clean up phase. J hasn’t been cleared to come home just yet. Sorry If I just rushed through this all but, I needed to clear my head of this all. This really helped.


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