Joining The Honors Program

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see as they say. I have some pretty exciting news that I’d like to share. First I would like to share a story though. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am currently in my senior year of college. I also mentioned that I am 29 years of age. Well let’s take a trip down memory lane. After graduating high school, I enrolled in Community College. The real behind not going to a 4 year college was because I missed my SAT dates twice. Going to Community College really helped because it saved a lot of money. I took me four year to finish as I took only a year of full time course loads and the rest were part times. I also worked while going to school. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Information Systems.

I transferred to a four year University in the summer of 2009 and moved out of the house. Instead of going to class I sat at home with my newly found freedom. I would go to class on test days with no clue on what the material covered. So pretty much I flunked a whole year passing only 1 out of m 8 courses. Needless to say, I was kicked to the curb and forced to go back to Community College. I was instructed to pass 12 credits and I would be allowed back into the University. I did that but, I didn’t have the drive to go back to school. I decided to take time off and go into the working world full time. I was around 22 at the time and I made the decision to focus on my work experience. I have to say that this decision set me back on my education while also getting me prepped for my return to school.

There were times when I wasn’t sure If I would ever go back to school but, I also realized that I wouldn’t get far without my education. I continued to work retail and was promoted to management. I worked for Target Corporation and they taught me a lot about about becoming a real adult in life. They encouraged me to get back into school for a degree. So after 3 years off I enrolled in classes once again. As a much more mature person I decided to really focus on my course work. I can honestly say that school is what you make of it. I enjoy my experiences and I plan to make the most of this when I walk across the stage next Spring.

In the mail on Wednesday was an invitation to an Honors reception for honors students. Within that letter was an invite to become a member of the Business Honors Program. My GPA has finally gotten to the point where I can be considered an advanced student. This made me so happy as things were not always this easy for me. Of course I accepted the invitation and now I can claim my honors status! I plan to put my name into the hat to be the student speaker for my graduation ceremony. I feel like the things that I have overcome in my life would be a great story. I know that there are others like me and I’d love to encourage them to embrace their past. It’s taken me this long to get things done but, what matters is that I got here on my own. Sorry to ramble……


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