My First Bad Wal-Mart Experience

I have a pretty flawless record when it comes to carefree shopping. Rarely have I ever needed to call a manager over for an issue. If I do it’s usually something that can be fixed rather quickly. All of that changed yesterday at Wal-Mart.

I only walked into Wal-Mart to check prices on bookcases. While I was there I decided to walk over to the action figures. I probably should add that I collect WWE wrestling figures. I found three that I liked and took them up to the checkout. They were priced at $17.97 a piece. On the way up I also found a WWE Pez dispenser. The price was tagged at $5.00 so I grabbed one of those as well. At the register, all four items rang up for incorrect prices. The young lady working shelf checkout was nice enough to tell me to take pictures of the shelves and she would change the prices for me. Before my friend could get back with the pictures an older lady came and asked me what my issue was. I informed her of the issue and almost immediately I got an eye roll.She acted as if I created the problem.She reluctantly walked back to her manager (who wasn’t on the floor for some reason) and came back with the answer that I could only have one item for the tagged price. We are talking a $2 difference on the figures and a $5 difference on the Pez. I asked to speak to the manager who made the decision just to get an understanding of why there is an entire section (7 pegs) of items that are incorrectly priced.

The manager walked up and before I could even explain what happened, she cut me off and said that she had already known. Customer service 101 teaches you to let the customer get their frustrations out. Then you respond and do your best to help. She failed with the very first sentence that came from her mouth. She informed me that it is company policy to only allow one item at the mismarked price. She then informed me that she didn’t even have to do that. I asked her for her reasoning behind that and she responded that she didn’t need a reason. Rude from the very beginning and it turned me off. I called her a trashy manager and asked for the supervisor’s name. She told me that no one was available but, I was free to call when they were. She had some support manager following her every move as if I was going to make a big scene.

When I got out to my car I called the number and it winded being the store number. I asked if the Store Manager was available and the receptionist said he was. I spoke with him and informed him of the issue. He told me to come back in and I could get my items. As we walked back to the toy aisle, the rude manager, her support, and the lady from checkout were checking the labels. Funny thing is that the actual price was $17.97. I grabbed my items and we headed back to checkout. I was able to make my purchase and go. I never received an apology from the lady or anything. This is exactly why people look down on Wal-Mart. Moral of this story for me is that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. In this particular case, I thought it was the right thing to do. She really had no business being in a front end management position when her first reaction to a situation is negative. I am not a negative person and it takes me a while to get there. She pushed all of the right buttons.


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