Yesterday afternoon I was pretty upset that I had to miss The Bethesda E3 Showcase last night. I had a prior engagement scheduled but, my E3 anticipation level was on ten all day long. Microsoft gave what I would call one heck of a show. Sure a lot of the games were multi-platform titles and the exclusives were a lot of the tried and true titles. This isn’t an article about Microsoft though. Point is…Microsoft set a tone and I was more than ready for Bethesda to knock it out of the park. I just finished the press conference here at work and I don’t know how to feel.

The event began with Rage 2 and I am very happy with what was shown. It reminds me of Mad Max mixed with Doom which makes for an interesting setting. A lot of different locations were shown which tells me that Bethesda is really fleshing this game out. I am really looking forward to move information and this will be a day one purchase for me. Let’s add Doom Eternal to the bandwagon because Doom is one of my favorite franchises ever. The fact that they are working on a sequel gives me even more to look forward to. Besides these two games, I feel dragged through an hour of mediocrity.

Elder Scrolls Legends, Online, Blades and even VI is too much Elder Scrolls. I know its popular but, if they skipped a year or two of Elder Scrolls I would be more than happy. Quake Champions seems dated to me. I have Prey but, I haven’t played it yet. I know it’s a decent game and I did expect to learn of new DLC. I may give it a shot this weekend. Wolfenstein 2 is awesome but, I didn’t finish the game. I also expected new DLC. FallOut76 is where I realized that I am probably just not a Bethesda guy at this point. I just didn’t jump out of my seat with applause which brings me to the underlying issue here. Why was everyone begging for applause?

From the very start of the event with Pete Hines, each and every presenter felt the need to bring applause out of the audience. It felt as if they need confirmation that things were going well. Compare this to Microsoft where Phil Spencer gets massive applause for just entering the room. Over at Sony, Shawn Layden gets the same treatment. What was the purpose here? From a viewer standpoint it seemed as though everyone was waiting on an Elder Scrolls VI announcement and if they didn’t get it, this would have been considered a failure. Well…at the very end they delivered with a quick trailer and everyone stood on their feet in applause.

After it was all said and done I now have two games to look forward to. A rather dry showing by Bethesda in my opinion. I hope next year they don’t have to drag a reaction out of the audience. It should be a natural thing.




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