Building a Game Room!

I’m finally taking all of my retro games out of these ugly totes and putting them on display. This has been a project years in the making. I feel like I finally have a respectable library of games to display. I took the smallest room in my house and I cleared it out. This is what it looked like before I began….


I spent my whole Sunday taping and painting the room and here is the end result!


In the next few weeks or so I will continue to provide updates on the status of the room. I am so excited!!


My First Bad Wal-Mart Experience

I have a pretty flawless record when it comes to carefree shopping. Rarely have I ever needed to call a manager over for an issue. If I do it’s usually something that can be fixed rather quickly. All of that changed yesterday at Wal-Mart.

I only walked into Wal-Mart to check prices on bookcases. While I was there I decided to walk over to the action figures. I probably should add that I collect WWE wrestling figures. I found three that I liked and took them up to the checkout. They were priced at $17.97 a piece. On the way up I also found a WWE Pez dispenser. The price was tagged at $5.00 so I grabbed one of those as well. At the register, all four items rang up for incorrect prices. The young lady working shelf checkout was nice enough to tell me to take pictures of the shelves and she would change the prices for me. Before my friend could get back with the pictures an older lady came and asked me what my issue was. I informed her of the issue and almost immediately I got an eye roll.She acted as if I created the problem.She reluctantly walked back to her manager (who wasn’t on the floor for some reason) and came back with the answer that I could only have one item for the tagged price. We are talking a $2 difference on the figures and a $5 difference on the Pez. I asked to speak to the manager who made the decision just to get an understanding of why there is an entire section (7 pegs) of items that are incorrectly priced.

The manager walked up and before I could even explain what happened, she cut me off and said that she had already known. Customer service 101 teaches you to let the customer get their frustrations out. Then you respond and do your best to help. She failed with the very first sentence that came from her mouth. She informed me that it is company policy to only allow one item at the mismarked price. She then informed me that she didn’t even have to do that. I asked her for her reasoning behind that and she responded that she didn’t need a reason. Rude from the very beginning and it turned me off. I called her a trashy manager and asked for the supervisor’s name. She told me that no one was available but, I was free to call when they were. She had some support manager following her every move as if I was going to make a big scene.

When I got out to my car I called the number and it winded being the store number. I asked if the Store Manager was available and the receptionist said he was. I spoke with him and informed him of the issue. He told me to come back in and I could get my items. As we walked back to the toy aisle, the rude manager, her support, and the lady from checkout were checking the labels. Funny thing is that the actual price was $17.97. I grabbed my items and we headed back to checkout. I was able to make my purchase and go. I never received an apology from the lady or anything. This is exactly why people look down on Wal-Mart. Moral of this story for me is that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. In this particular case, I thought it was the right thing to do. She really had no business being in a front end management position when her first reaction to a situation is negative. I am not a negative person and it takes me a while to get there. She pushed all of the right buttons.

Joining The Honors Program

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see as they say. I have some pretty exciting news that I’d like to share. First I would like to share a story though. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am currently in my senior year of college. I also mentioned that I am 29 years of age. Well let’s take a trip down memory lane. After graduating high school, I enrolled in Community College. The real behind not going to a 4 year college was because I missed my SAT dates twice. Going to Community College really helped because it saved a lot of money. I took me four year to finish as I took only a year of full time course loads and the rest were part times. I also worked while going to school. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Information Systems.

I transferred to a four year University in the summer of 2009 and moved out of the house. Instead of going to class I sat at home with my newly found freedom. I would go to class on test days with no clue on what the material covered. So pretty much I flunked a whole year passing only 1 out of m 8 courses. Needless to say, I was kicked to the curb and forced to go back to Community College. I was instructed to pass 12 credits and I would be allowed back into the University. I did that but, I didn’t have the drive to go back to school. I decided to take time off and go into the working world full time. I was around 22 at the time and I made the decision to focus on my work experience. I have to say that this decision set me back on my education while also getting me prepped for my return to school.

There were times when I wasn’t sure If I would ever go back to school but, I also realized that I wouldn’t get far without my education. I continued to work retail and was promoted to management. I worked for Target Corporation and they taught me a lot about about becoming a real adult in life. They encouraged me to get back into school for a degree. So after 3 years off I enrolled in classes once again. As a much more mature person I decided to really focus on my course work. I can honestly say that school is what you make of it. I enjoy my experiences and I plan to make the most of this when I walk across the stage next Spring.

In the mail on Wednesday was an invitation to an Honors reception for honors students. Within that letter was an invite to become a member of the Business Honors Program. My GPA has finally gotten to the point where I can be considered an advanced student. This made me so happy as things were not always this easy for me. Of course I accepted the invitation and now I can claim my honors status! I plan to put my name into the hat to be the student speaker for my graduation ceremony. I feel like the things that I have overcome in my life would be a great story. I know that there are others like me and I’d love to encourage them to embrace their past. It’s taken me this long to get things done but, what matters is that I got here on my own. Sorry to ramble……

10 Followers and Pre-Season Football


I have surpassed 10 followers! It may not sound like many but, that was the first milestone I set for myself. There are at least 10 folks out there who feel like I’m interesting. Sometimes I don’t know what to post on this thing but, that is the beauty of blogging. Thank you again!

Speaking of my blogging, it’s been a while since I’ve made a posting. I want to confirm that everything has calmed down with my Grandparents. Now that I have that cleared out of my head, I can focus on my blogging again.

This evening is the start of pre-season football and I am headed into downtown Baltimore for the first Ravens game. If there are any Cam Newton fans out there, well I hope you lose haha. In all honestly he may play one quarter if that. I have to support my home team. I’m not a football fanatic but, there is something about the energy in football that is unmatched. I’m ready to cheer!

I’m Going To IHeartRadio Music Festival!


I am more than excited to have finalized my plans for the IheartRadio Music Festival in Vegas this September. If I had to choose three favorite things in the world, it’s music, wrestling and video game. The picture above was my view from last years show. I love this festival because it gives me the chance to see music artists that I wouldn’t spend money to see otherwise. It’s also exposed me to a lot of new music that I wouldn’t listen to on a regular day. I have a new found respect for Zac Brown Band after they performed a few years back. The IheartRadio Music Festival is unlike other festivals. The main difference is that it’s indoors. I dislike standing outside in the scorching heat to see my favorite music artists. I guess I’m being picky but, I’ve seen many people in my time collapse from heat and dehydration. It just isn’t healthy to me. I want to list the artists that I get to see this year, I am so excited!!

Ariana Grande – I saw Ariana two years ago at the 2014 festival. She was the last performer before the headliner which I think was Usher (who is also in this years lineup). A lot of great acts had already come and gone and it really took away from her set. She didn’t sound too great in her set. This time around she’s grown quite a bit and her songs cater to a slightly older crowd. I’m excited to hear her this time around. Hopefully she performs earlier in the night.

Billy Idol – A rock n roll icon who I’ve never listened to until this past week. He sings songs that I didn’t know he wrote. The classic artists are always good and I look forward to my first Billy Idol experience.

Britney Spears – Someone I’ve always wanted to see but, never had a the chance until now. Looking at social media, it seems like everyone is excited for Britney. She cant perform like she used to but, I know she’s going to rock the house. She may even headline Saturday night.

Cage The Elephant – I have a buddy who won tickets to see them and he invited. I declined as I have never heard a song of theirs. I guess I should of went.

Drake – I’m actually going to Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour in a few weeks. I get to see him twice and I’m not complaining. He’s probably the hottest act out right now and I have a feeling he will headline Friday night.

Florida Georgia Line – They make really good music and I look forward to hearing the hits. I’ve seen some of the best country acts here at Iheart. Let’s keep that trend going.

One Republic – Probably the one act I’m looking forward to the most. One Republic is one of my favorite musical acts. It will be my first time seeing them and I’be been hoping that they would do an Iheart eventually. They will probably go on second or third so I need to brace myself.

Pitbull – An artist that I’be always wanted to see but, won’t pay to see a full concert. He does make good music and I’ll be singing along. He has headlined before also. Gonna be weird to see him do a short set.

Sam Hunt – I know nothing of Sam Hunt other than he’s exploded over the past year or two. I expect to hear the women scream.

Sia – Awesome voice and awesome artist. I will see Sia again in October when she’s on tour. No harm in enjoying the hits though.

Sting – Icon Icon Icon! He may reunite with The Police! Only a rumor 🙂

Tears for Fears – Of the four classic acts, this is the one I am most excited about. They were so unique in their sound and I can’t wait to sing “Shout”. So ahead of my time..but it’s great music.

Twenty One Pilots – Have become popular over the last year. I watched them at VMA’s last year and I wasn’t impressed. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

U2 – I don’t know what to say about U2. I know they are one of the biggest bands of all time. There hasn’t been much excitement about them from what I’ve read though. I hope they don’t get the headline spot over Drake.

Usher – A three time Iheart performer (along with Coldplay). I’ve heard most of his songs but, he has a new album. I expect to hear new music which is cool.

ZEDD – Is also a former Iheart performer. I don’t think he has a new album but, I saw him last December. He tore the house down in December. I can’t wait to jump up and down with him in Vegas.



Giving Back To My Grandparents


The following story contains bedbugs, hospitals and overall paranoia. It’s been a while since I’ve made a post but, things have become normal again and I’d like to share a personal story with you.  Growing up, my Grandparents were the only parents I knew. They took care of me and made sure I had everything that I need. My mom was around but, she wasn’t really fit to raise me on her own. The story of me and my mom is a story for another day though. My grandparents I owe pretty much everything to for making me the person I am today. My Grandpa is 79 years old and my Grandma is 76. For the sake of titles, we will call Grandpa J and Grandma P.

J was recently taken to the hospital for not being able to do anything on his own. He has always been a very independent person and I’ve never known him to visit a doctor. I am 29 years old and J has never gotten a check up to my knowledge. He just retired less than 90 days ago for goodness sake. At work J has fallen multiple times. He even worked while having less than 50% use of his right arm. I guess the falls became too much to bear and it became time to retire. My mom noticed that J also had issues making it to the bathroom and would have accidents. After taking J to the hospital, we learned that his blood pressure was at 220 which is heart attack levels. He also has a form of Parkinson’s which his mom also had. As hard as it was to get him there, it felt good to have him seen by a doctor.

P gets frustrated when things like this happen and she begins to worry. She overexerts herself and creates unneeded stress. To add salt to the wound, P found out that there are bed bugs in the house. If anyone has ever had bed bugs, it can be quite the experience. You have to take all of your linens and clothes and put them into trash bags. You when have to either take them to a laundromat or dry them on high heat at home. The clothes then go into clean trash bags. Orkin came out for an inspection and luckily they were only in one bedroom and within one chair.

Doctor visits on top of the bed bug clean up has been a nightmare for everyone. We all want to help but, at the same time we want to avoid bringing things to our own homes. It’s such a tough spot to be in. Luckily we’ve worked through the bulk of things and my Grandparents are in the clean up phase. J hasn’t been cleared to come home just yet. Sorry If I just rushed through this all but, I needed to clear my head of this all. This really helped.

Turning Back Tuesdays 4: Happy Birthday


I didn’t post yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well. Today is my birthday and I am now 29 years of age. Every year I spend my birthday week in Ocean City Maryland and this year is no different. Each year I come down, my and my family always wonder about a particular complex. From the outside it looks pretty decent with multiple floors and covered parking. Sort of like a row home but, on the beach. Well this year we booked one of these places. I am generally a person who doesn’t feel the need to look back on my past but, If I had the chance I would never of chosen this place. The main picture is what I revealed after pulling the mattress back this morning. Not only is this nasty, but it’s completely unacceptable. The whole week thus far in this place has been mediocre at best. I will start from the top (with a few pictures).


When I first walked into the place I noticed that the sliding doors were wide open. It’s as if someone may have started to clean the place and maybe took a walk…never to return. It would have been fine if there was a screen. Well there was a screen but, it isn’t attached. Another thing was that there were flies all over the place. Had to go out and buy a swatter to kill all of these things and I may have finally gotten the last one this morning. Four days after moving in. We contacted Caldwell Banker and they did nothing to attempt to fix the issue. So we can’t enjoy a nice breeze in the afternoon. We can only use the A/C units which are not central by the way.


Whats a lock on a door good for if it doesn’t lock? This sliding glass door does not lock and I don’t understand how you can rent out a place and not inspect it.


The brown stain on the floor is what lead me to find the nasty bed skirt. On Monday when I first put the sheets on, it was almost dusk so I must of missed it. I just happened to look down under my feet and noticed this huge stain. I look up and I see this stained bed skirt. In all honestly it looks like someone may have puked. Whatever it is I’m sure I shouldn’t be laying on it. We contacted the actual owners and she claimed that it wasn’t there when she was present two weeks ago but, there was a leak from the ceiling. She let two weeks go by and didn’t care to check up on a ceiling leak. I also have news for her because there are solid chunks dried on this bed skirt so something else happened other than a ceiling leak. The owner will be stopping by today the change it and I plan to have a lot of questions about the high prices and low quality.

The dishwasher still has dishes in it. The microwave was super dirty and the freezer had black chips all along the bottom. The carpet has stains as if it only gets steam cleaned once a season…its one big mess. This a long shot but, if anyone plans to stay in Ocean City and has plans on staying at White Sands Village, please take the time to visit the rental before putting down your hard earned money. This is the first and the last that I will ever stay here. Caldwell will be hearing from me as well.