NES Classic and the trouble of getting one!

NES Classic and the trouble of getting one!

It is not secret that Nintendo’s NES Classic is the hottest item of the season. Well that and the Hatchimal but, I’m not interested in that. I never knew that the NES would become one of the hard to find items. I mean it’s a $60 system with 30 pre-loaded games. If you ask a lot of people, they will tell you that no item at $60 should be this difficult to find. I’d like to look at it a bit differently.

This past Sunday I decided to take my chances with the Toys R Us restock. I got myself up at 4 am with plans to arrive at 4:30 am. I arrived as the 29th person in line or so I thought (more on that later). Toys R Us opens at 8 am in my area so I figured 3 1/2 isn’t too bad of a wait. It was pretty cold but, everyone was in good spirits. The Store Manager arrived around 6 am or so and he took a look at the line. At this point I would of estimated a good 75 people had shown up. He came out at around 6:15 and he walked the line twice. The first time he walked the line was to count how many people wanted Hatchimals. The second time was to count The NES numbers. On both occasions he cut the line about 10 people behind where I was standing. Everyone else was told there were no more and to head home. He went back into the store and informed us that he would hand out tickets at 7:30.

Fast forward to 7:30 and we are waiting for our tickets. You can imagine my mood when I was informed that the NES tickets were all gone just 4 spaces ahead of me. I stood in line since 4:30 and was told that I was counted for and now the systems are gone. Not only me but the 4 people ahead of me, and the 10 behind me. I was not going to take no for an answer. The manager said that even though he told us that we were counted, families may have had people in their cars. This means that he has to offer a system to every person in line. He wouldn’t acknowledge that created a false expectation. I got a little angry and I raised my voice at him because, he should of know better. You can’t count people at 6:30 and come back an hour later to hand out tickets. Too many people have showed up to hop in line with friends and family. There is too much room for error there.

He told the ticketed folks to head into the store and wait at customer service. There were six of us outside, who stayed in our line and waited for him to return to us. Everyone behind us has dispersed and began to swarm the guy. At one point he told us to just forget about it altogether. I asked him if we could be added onto a wait list. His answer was no because he wasn’t sure if he would get anymore in before December 25th. I didn’t care when it came in, I just wanted to ensure that I received one. I asked more then a few times until he broke down and said that he needs to obtain approval. He went into the store and came back out with good news. They found an extra box on the truck but, only three are in the box. So by courtesy, the three people in front of me get systems. They head in and we continue to hang out. One of the lucky people were part of a couple. The wife stayed behind because, she wanted one for herself.

More potential good news struck as we were told that another box of three may or may not be on the truck. Instead of giving them to the next three, he wanted to put everyone’s name into a hat and draw them. I said no way…we are still standing in our original formation.Once the people behind us realized that the couple ahead of me were standing in line for two, they totally turned on the wife. They didn’t want her to get a system and told the manager to raffle off her box. I gently pushed her forward as he told us to go wait for him inside. I didn’t want her to get into an argument with anyone…you’ve gotten this close and you don’t need to mess that up.

Once inside we waited for about a half out and finally!!!!!!!!!

I was able to put my hands around my NES Classic. Our hard work paid off. If I wouldn’t of stood there and fought with him, someone else would of gotten my system. Just goes to show you that standing your ground can truly pay off when it’s right. I wrapped my system and plan to open it on Christmas morning. For those of you who are still searching, stay strong. Target gets them in small batches throughout the week and Best Buy is planning a nationwide restock on November 20th. Please don’t get caught up the the EBay resale gimmick paying 3x the price. There was a guy in the front of line willing to sell his for $200 bucks. I told him if he needed to wait in line for a chance to make $140 profit then maybe he needs to find a better paying job.

Good luck out there!nes-pic


Spread the Love Everyone!

Okay so I can’t speak about the election to anyone without starting an argument so at least here I can vent to the open world of the internet. I am not a political person by stretch of the imagination. I am also not a confrontational person. I know when to stand my ground and I know when to just let something go. Right now I’m not proud of the things that are happening in this country.

I grew up in the heart of Baltimore City. Politically you voted for whoever the black person was and if there weren’t any blacks available, you vote for the democrat. I’m watching videos of parents ridiculing their kids on video for having different political beliefs than them. Luckily I grew up with a mind of my own and a voice that gives me the strength to make decisions on my own. I am a proud unaffiliated voter because let’s be honest, no one party is the perfect party.

Whether you voted for Trump or Clinton, someone had to lose. You can’t always come out on the winning end and that’s what a lot of people are failing to realize right now. What would a Hilary supporter be saying if Trump lost and his voters were protesting and their kids were walking out of schools? Probably the same thing that Trump supporters are saying about you right now. This is not the end of the world, life needs to move on. We all have family, friends to worry about and all of the hate is just nasty.

As we roll into this holiday season, let’s try and pick the next person up…not tear them down. Donald Trump is the President elect and we as American’s are strong people. We will make it through as we always have. Love him or hate him, how you deal with this is your own choice. Just be smart about it.

Black Thursday is Upon Us

Halloween is less than a week away! This year has flew by and it’ll be Christmas before you know it. I like to get my shopping plan started early so I try to keep an eye out for early pricing. I would consider myself a Black Thursday shopper but, never for anything in particular. I just like to go out and see what trinkets I can find. Despite the crowds it can be a fun experience. One thing I can always say about Black Thursday is that the poor employee’s suffer the worst. I worked almost 10 years in retail and I don’t think I’ll ever go back….holidays suck! When I worked for Target we always purchased catered dinner for our teams throughout the day. They were always very appreciative of that. I will always remember Target for going out of their way to try and bring a piece of home to work. I would assume that most companies don’t value their employee’s in that way. Macys? JCPenney? Kohls? Best Buy? WAL-MART?

I read an article today that Kohl’s is planning on opening at 6 p.m on Thanksgiving and Macy’s is opening at 5 p.m. Who is making these decisions to open these stores this early? While many companies are starting to pull back on opening so early, retail establishments are just pushing forward. I can only speak for myself but, regardless of what time your store opens, If I’m planning to go there I’m going to go. Makes no difference if it’s 6 p.m (ridiculous) or midnight (like it should be). Its greed and it drives me crazy!

Enjoying IheartRadio 2016 in Vegas

Enjoying IheartRadio 2016 in Vegas

I enjoyed my 5th IheartRadio Music Festival a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. I must say that I had an awesome time as I do every year. As a huge music and concert fan, this is the best of the best in my opinion. It’s the best chance to see artist that you wouldn’t always pay top dollar to see. I’m just going to share a few pictures and my thoughts on night 1 (Friday). I will post later this week to recap night 2.

Outside of the brand new T-Mobile arena. This place was freaking awesome. It wasn’t the most attractive arena during the day but, at night it’s great. The most comfortable seats I have ever sat in for an arena. Britney Spears is on the video screen but, she doesn’t perform until night 2. Can’t wait to go back next year. 
I was able to score club tickets for the first night so this was my view for the night. I had a lot of executives sitting around me and they were older. I couldn’t help but laugh when they all would Snapchat and jump in on each others snaps. When older people get a hold of a cool app, they really go for it. 
First act of the night was Billy freaking Idol. I never listened to his music until I learned he was on the lineup. A lot of his songs I knew but, didn’t know he performed them. He looked really good and sounded pretty much the same. He opened with Rebel Yell. For his final song he brought out Miley Cyrus. Iheart always starts off with a bang. 
Sam Hunt was the second performer for the night. I know he has a lot of popular songs and he pretty popped up out of nowhere. He was alright I guess. At one point he walked through the crowd and stood maybe 5 feet away from me.
The band I was most excited about came third in One Republic. I have been saying for years that they need to be added to the lineup. I finally got my wish and what great performers they are. Ryan Tedder is really cool and he puts on a good show. They played their bigger hits and their newest song “Kids”. I’d love to catch them on tour soon.
The performer of the night was Sia. If you don’t know, Sia is very unique. She doesn’t show her face and when she performs she stays stationary. She is on a small podium in the back whole her dancers portray her visions on stage. The voice is amazing and if you don’t believe me please check her out. If you look above at the video screen, you will notice that her dancers are creating stories right there on stage. It was so amazing to see what technology can do with performances like this. She received a standing ovation afterwards. Can’t wait to see her next week in D.C.
I noticed a lot of Twenty One Pilots t-shirts walking around Vegas. They played the daytime festival a few years ago and I didn’t pay any attention. I have them on my radars now because they put on a kick ass performance. This picture is at the end when Tyler walks through the crowd and climb this small scaffold. He did almost a whole song up here. They made believers out of me.
I just saw Drake back in August on tour. I was just as excited to see him again. He kept the energy levels very high with his multiple hits. When you go to a Drake show you have to be ready for a lot of pyro as seen above. A great performance should of ended with Hotline Bling, but he didn’t perform it. Bummer.
The headliners for night 1 were U2. I didn’t think that I would enjoy them but, I watched from start to finish. Their songs sound so good live. Or maybe it was just the presence of Bono…not really sure. 20160923_233313

In conclusion, I had a great time at night 1 of the festival. I did feel that surprises were kept to a minimum other than Miley Cyrus. This night was definitely about the music though. I can’t really complain about that.

Building a Game Room!

I’m finally taking all of my retro games out of these ugly totes and putting them on display. This has been a project years in the making. I feel like I finally have a respectable library of games to display. I took the smallest room in my house and I cleared it out. This is what it looked like before I began….


I spent my whole Sunday taping and painting the room and here is the end result!


In the next few weeks or so I will continue to provide updates on the status of the room. I am so excited!!

My First Bad Wal-Mart Experience

I have a pretty flawless record when it comes to carefree shopping. Rarely have I ever needed to call a manager over for an issue. If I do it’s usually something that can be fixed rather quickly. All of that changed yesterday at Wal-Mart.

I only walked into Wal-Mart to check prices on bookcases. While I was there I decided to walk over to the action figures. I probably should add that I collect WWE wrestling figures. I found three that I liked and took them up to the checkout. They were priced at $17.97 a piece. On the way up I also found a WWE Pez dispenser. The price was tagged at $5.00 so I grabbed one of those as well. At the register, all four items rang up for incorrect prices. The young lady working shelf checkout was nice enough to tell me to take pictures of the shelves and she would change the prices for me. Before my friend could get back with the pictures an older lady came and asked me what my issue was. I informed her of the issue and almost immediately I got an eye roll.She acted as if I created the problem.She reluctantly walked back to her manager (who wasn’t on the floor for some reason) and came back with the answer that I could only have one item for the tagged price. We are talking a $2 difference on the figures and a $5 difference on the Pez. I asked to speak to the manager who made the decision just to get an understanding of why there is an entire section (7 pegs) of items that are incorrectly priced.

The manager walked up and before I could even explain what happened, she cut me off and said that she had already known. Customer service 101 teaches you to let the customer get their frustrations out. Then you respond and do your best to help. She failed with the very first sentence that came from her mouth. She informed me that it is company policy to only allow one item at the mismarked price. She then informed me that she didn’t even have to do that. I asked her for her reasoning behind that and she responded that she didn’t need a reason. Rude from the very beginning and it turned me off. I called her a trashy manager and asked for the supervisor’s name. She told me that no one was available but, I was free to call when they were. She had some support manager following her every move as if I was going to make a big scene.

When I got out to my car I called the number and it winded being the store number. I asked if the Store Manager was available and the receptionist said he was. I spoke with him and informed him of the issue. He told me to come back in and I could get my items. As we walked back to the toy aisle, the rude manager, her support, and the lady from checkout were checking the labels. Funny thing is that the actual price was $17.97. I grabbed my items and we headed back to checkout. I was able to make my purchase and go. I never received an apology from the lady or anything. This is exactly why people look down on Wal-Mart. Moral of this story for me is that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. In this particular case, I thought it was the right thing to do. She really had no business being in a front end management position when her first reaction to a situation is negative. I am not a negative person and it takes me a while to get there. She pushed all of the right buttons.

Joining The Honors Program

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see as they say. I have some pretty exciting news that I’d like to share. First I would like to share a story though. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am currently in my senior year of college. I also mentioned that I am 29 years of age. Well let’s take a trip down memory lane. After graduating high school, I enrolled in Community College. The real behind not going to a 4 year college was because I missed my SAT dates twice. Going to Community College really helped because it saved a lot of money. I took me four year to finish as I took only a year of full time course loads and the rest were part times. I also worked while going to school. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Information Systems.

I transferred to a four year University in the summer of 2009 and moved out of the house. Instead of going to class I sat at home with my newly found freedom. I would go to class on test days with no clue on what the material covered. So pretty much I flunked a whole year passing only 1 out of m 8 courses. Needless to say, I was kicked to the curb and forced to go back to Community College. I was instructed to pass 12 credits and I would be allowed back into the University. I did that but, I didn’t have the drive to go back to school. I decided to take time off and go into the working world full time. I was around 22 at the time and I made the decision to focus on my work experience. I have to say that this decision set me back on my education while also getting me prepped for my return to school.

There were times when I wasn’t sure If I would ever go back to school but, I also realized that I wouldn’t get far without my education. I continued to work retail and was promoted to management. I worked for Target Corporation and they taught me a lot about about becoming a real adult in life. They encouraged me to get back into school for a degree. So after 3 years off I enrolled in classes once again. As a much more mature person I decided to really focus on my course work. I can honestly say that school is what you make of it. I enjoy my experiences and I plan to make the most of this when I walk across the stage next Spring.

In the mail on Wednesday was an invitation to an Honors reception for honors students. Within that letter was an invite to become a member of the Business Honors Program. My GPA has finally gotten to the point where I can be considered an advanced student. This made me so happy as things were not always this easy for me. Of course I accepted the invitation and now I can claim my honors status! I plan to put my name into the hat to be the student speaker for my graduation ceremony. I feel like the things that I have overcome in my life would be a great story. I know that there are others like me and I’d love to encourage them to embrace their past. It’s taken me this long to get things done but, what matters is that I got here on my own. Sorry to ramble……